Tracking Me – April 19, 2017

I’d say that finding time to write has become harder since the lack of a desk job, but I will… Yes, I realize how rediculous the previous statement is but thats about the stateof my brain right now. I’d deciding and then cancelling out thoughts almost at random as it goes along. Like Im just the body doing the writing because now I know…. there’s another me in here. The one really moving the fingers. And if I’m really careful about it I can sneak all the way out to the front and become Asher. Hey Everyone.

Sorry we had to do a bit of a switcheroo there so that way we could actually get this writing show on the road. God, how many years after high school and I still have a hard time writing the word writing. I always think it needs two t’s. Which my brain wanted to write as, tt, as that would make more of an immediate example. Strange isn’t it. Humans and the way we’ve created language to transmit the big ideas and yet we are reducing ourselves to 160 characters on Twitter. Why do we do that? Why would, when we have so many words to use, do we stick to the simple and small things to day.

I can imagine a wold where, people would ask one another large questions and have intense conversations as those now have conversations about sports. “When was the last time  you pondered the existence of the next galaxy over?” How much fun would that be!

I think that if everyone on this planet tried to have one conversation that pushed themselves intellectually the world would be a much better place. Or to expose themselves that is difficult or different. To expand the mind.

Other than that lets actually try to get into how we’re actually all feeling today. Overall = amazing. I had a wonderful night out with my best friend, slept well, got Mister all taken care of, and then came home and put together my computer to get it ready to stream for the Adobe Channel which went amazingly. which… we are all so glad for. We essentially just let Riven, Saber and Asher all take over and do all of the talking which was definitely for the better.

Anyway… rambling again. I’m really scattered today and I knew I was having a hard time getting some of my points across today but that’s ok. I just couldn’t think. I’ve had a hard time since getting my blood drawn. Nope, it’s definitely gone. the muse to write has officially left the building. Now I want to go exploring.



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