Tracking Me – March 22, 2017

I can’t quite tell if I’m excited, relieved, or about to throw up. I think it’s about an equal third of each with the nearly puking being right up there…. sort of like at the top of my throat and my tongue might be the only thing keeping from making a mess of my keyboard. Graphic a bit maybe but that’s how I feel.

I just gave my two weeks notice at Wells Fargo and all of my life is starting to come into quick and sharp review. I’ve held this job for about a year and a half and in that time have been promoted twice. Once from a phone banker, to Premier Banker, and then again to Loan Documentation Specialist. The goal was to settle into the LDS *lol…. no wonder this has been such a bad fit.* for the next two to five years. That was greatly shortened when I realized I’m simply not learning anything and there’s literally no point in me being here and beating my head against a wall.

I’m lucky in that I think I literally beat my boss to the punch by a couple of days but I will take it. Always better to leave gracefully rather than get left as a grease stain because I got fired from a previous job.

Either way so I have them for later:

–18883270027 – Employee Assistance Center

–18774793557 – Wells Fargo HR (opt 2 insurance) (opt 4 EAC)

Ok, now to go call them. Keep updated folks! But it’s happening. Two more weeks and then no more WF!

Saber N Crew Over N Out!


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