Tracking Me – March 16, 2017

Well it only took me the better portion of three hours but I just got my very first level 2 difficulty loan document done today. With the help of my boss… so stressful. This was after she informed me that she had reached out to Liberty Mutual on my behalf since she had not yet heard anything regarding my short term disability leave. I’m not sure whether that’s a break in privacy regarding her reaching out or if bosses can do that. I’m assuming bosses can do that but whatever. Either way… We’ll see where this universe points me. I have a feeling that out of all the directions I could go in life right now, NORTH may be the one I look towards the most.

Stability, Mountains, Snow, Adventure… The North provides much.

TLDR: I’m still on the downside but am trying to look towards the positive. I’m feeling a little low and trying to just hang on. Feeling like I want to lie down and not get up for a really long time. Like I want to escape into dreams because it’s “safe” there.  Guess that’s not really too short. See what happens when I try to only type a little bit? Then my fingers just take off all on their own! 😛 But seriously…

Just one more hour and then we can leave and go to Therapy. See if we can’t herd cats across a Fjord…


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