Tracking Me – March 6, 2017

((if Asher were to give a speech running for a public office… like presidency or something.))

My name is Asher Dale Armitstead,

I represent a generation that has fought to give me the rights that I now hold.
A generation just coming into their own. A generation that will bring the future.  Their words starting to grow stronger and more intense day by day. We are a generation not yet jaded by time, nor twisted by corruption. I represent the pure speakers. Those who aren’t afraid to share their true thoughts with the world. I represent the reddit diggers, who search through countless articles to find the one vein of truth that exists within them all. I represent the mental health community and those of us who’s struggles to just smile is daily. I represent those that have fluidity in gender and those who love openly and largely.  The fully realized human in me, honors the fully realized human that each and every one of you are, and the freedoms we all cherish.

I come to you after many years of listening to politics and feeling helpless. Feeling like even though I’d voted and drew pictures sharing my allegiance and my dedication to this nation, that it wasn’t enough. And it wasn’t. In college I used to talk about being tired of sitting, but was too afraid to truly stand up. I realized within that the paradox that comes with needing to be a person willing to stand. The sense of clarity in self that has to be there before we can truly start to stand up for what we believe in. The strength it takes.

I come to you to stand as a united front against the opposing forces in this nation. No longer can we afford to be divided by the concepts of belief, of race, of gender. All things that are completely personal and varied highly from one individual to the next. I come to you with open arms and mind. No matter what your beliefs, so long as it holds the message of doing NO harm to others, it is welcome. You are welcome. ALL, are welcome in this place.

In a world where our home is threatened by the destructive nature of humans we need to turn inward and do everything we can to minimize the footprint we’re leaving. As well as adapt our lifestyles towards a more earth positive style of living. Protecting our parks and public lands and providing the education to preserve them for a better tomorrow.

If you elect me I will make it so that more of your money goes directly into the education system to start that change with our next generation. If you choose to have me represent you, I will make it so that our lands are protected for another 100 years. If you’ll allow me to represent you, I will make sure your medical rights are forged so that we transition away from the thousands upon thousands of middle men and women and make it so that there is a more direct path to care. Together, we can stand together and create jobs that will refurbish the infrastructure. Building a tomorrow that has the most cutting edge technology that can tie all of the aforementioned goals together.

These types of changes take time. Sometimes much more than one would expect. I would humbly ask your patience, and be completely transparent on each and every step and report as often as humanly possible on what is being done to obtain all of these goals and others that we find along the way. After all. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why should our nation be? Will there be growing pains? Yes. Will there be some times where things look completely bleak? Yes. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Meaning it can only get brighter from here.

So I ask you now, stand with me, stand up and get involved. Vote, become more educated every day, and hold yourself and one another accountable as guardians to this nation and the tomorrow we can create. Together. Thank you.


Well I guess that states my humble political views and what I would try to work on if I was ever in office. ((obviously things in that list of what I’d be pro or against would change over time and depending on what current events were going on…))  Sometimes you just gotta write a tangent and pretend that you’re something greater than you are.


COMPLETED -grab all clean enough sketches for website
COMPLETED -grab all Graphic Design Work for website
-grab all completed pieces from the last two years for website
-Add more to portfolio cue to complete
-Dig out ALL sketch books
-Start taking pictures and cataloging ALL of them.
-compile art into folders on the computer
-load book information onto a sketchbook sales page
-See which images are good enough to offer as prints
-load prints onto a print sales page
-compile remaining images into art books in InDesign
-create as a PDF downloadable  for Amazon
-finish designs for WODBeast
-create WODBeast as a brand under Saberlins Lustrous Art
–reach out to local boxes and gym’s to see if they will sponsor a design ((and get their logo placed on the back of the shirt))
-launch KS for WODBeast to collect pre-orders
-take pre order batch to ScreenPrinter
-deliver WODBeast by hand and to US companies/places only.
-that should get me to about November >.>

((TIME 1023))
–Current Mood (Public Facing): Neutral, Good
–Current Real Mood: Brigher, semi-focused. Riven and Asher presiding. Lyra out of control underneath the surface. *IT’S LIKE THE FACE INSIDE IS RIGHT, BENEATH MY SKIIIIIIN* — thanks Linkin Park. Seriously I’ll say it again. Go listen to that Album with us in mind.
–Worst Area: Scattered thoughts. Long time loss.
–Loss of Time: Larger chunks. Something’s missing or not right but we’re out of sync with how we should be. Means that everything feels less real. Harder to make sense of what I’m supposed to be doing.
–Sleep: SHIT. Kept tossing and turning
–The 7:
Syl – odd mood, undefined
Spitfyre – grumpy and hungry
Carbon – I have one thing on my mind right now. Pretty girls. Go away.
Asher – I’ll agree with Carbon today. Sometimes a dudes distracted ok?
Riven – At the helm trying to pull strings today since everything is out of sync. It’s harder to do any sort of work this way.
Sylvia – Trying to be a sturdy shell. So far doing “OK”
Lyra – Awake and wanting to cause lots of trouble.
-Meds: Oxcarbazepine (300mg morning and night) accidentally double dosed myself this morning… Thought there were just nuts in my pocket. Turns out one of those nuts was a pill. OOPS. Been a little like “oh look! Left is up!” Today.., Abrieva (2.5mg) last night. Aroma Therapy. mmmmm lavender ^.^


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