Tracking Me – March 2, 2017

Ok hey everyone back on the band wagon for a while at least eh? We’re gonna attempt to be typing more regularly which means I *Asher* might be doing more than a bit of talking. I don’t get to do it often, unless someone wants to have an open minded philosophical discussion on the universe and the alternative sciences and parallel universes that go along with it… Then I can’t shut up. But that’s something you’ve all likely noticed in starting to read and track this blog and all of us here.

Yesterday Sylvia made paper dolls for all of us. No… day before, pardon me. They’re really neat and we can all hang out outside of the mind. Look over and see our little “super hero squad.” We don’t have a body and yet we do, but there’s so much disphoria that can go with that. Like earlier today Carbon and I were having a really hard time being in a flannel and some of the other clothing we like, but looking down and seeing that Lyra and Riven put on an “enhancing” Bra rather than letting us be more flat chested today. We…. don’t have tits. Which means looking down and seeing them there is very disconcerting and feels outwardly wrong at times. Carbon and I have started to look into some other things he and I can maybe do so start blending that line a bit more. Make up is fine… gotta be pretty in this body, and I think that it just makes it easier on all of us if we keep the face more feminine than not. But clothing, and maybe sometime in the future… anyway… One step and day at a time.

I only have 40 minutes left at work and trying to figure out if I can do another document in that time. I think I can if I can stay focused long enough to accomplish it. It’s just practice so it’s ok if it doesn’t get “sent off” as it were. So far…. distraction capabilities at full power… >.< Sonofabitch. Just lost 15 minutes. wtf come on.

I’ve filled in two fields in 17 minutes.

Ok… almost got this bloody thing sort of close to getting done. 17 minutes. Come on… So close…

SIDE NOTE: Listen to LinkinPark with Disassociative Identity Disorder in mind… it’ll blow your mind. No wonder this shit got me through so much…

((TIME 1241))
–Current Mood (Public Facing): Neutral, Good
–Current Real Mood: Brigher, semi-focused. Carbon Asher Presiding.
–Worst Area: Boredom, Unfulfilled slow dragging time.
–Loss of Time: Larger chunks. Carbon and Asher are being fairly greedy today. They want the whole day. Carbon’s struggling with doc’s but we’re trying to bring him on board. Training doc’s are thusly going slower today. No other jobs to do though.
–Sleep: SHIT. Kept tossing and turning
–The 7:
Syl – waiting to do art and sit in the sun maybe
Spitfyre – LIFTING! ENERGY, little jittery Oo…. *tail puff twitch*
Carbon – I’m pretty much a born bad ass.. These loans got noth…. ok nvrmnd this shit hard yo.
Asher – Meh, my hair looks like fire today, make up is fantabulous, and we’re dressed in all the right ways. We’re good.
Riven – Sitting in the background like hey wtf I wanna do my job.…
Sylvia – More concentrating on blending to whoever is forward. The loss of me is the integral PULL into everyone else. They, then, all become more ME. Reverse integration I think I’ll call it.
Lyra – Awake and wanting to cause some trouble.
-Meds: Oxcarbazepine (300mg morning and night), Abrieva (2.5mg) just a bit ago. Aroma Therapy. mmmmm mint ^.^


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