Tracking Me – Feb. 21, 2017

Today has started already as a bad day and it’s a long day and I really don’t know how the rest of this day is going to go down. What I do know is that as soon as I can get out of here I am absolutely doing so. I am going to go home and I am going to grab my wetsuit and stay in the wave until the last possible second if I can swim in it today…. JUST KIDDING… Looks like the wave cam is showing all of the flaps down and I don’t blame them at all. The water is HUGELY high today which means there would have been no way in earth or hell that I would have been able to swim into the wave. I guess I get to go to the gym and do some HEAVY LIFTING today!

Shhhhhh, don’t tell him yet, but David S is getting challenged today. We’ll have to see who else I can sneak into it. I liked the idea of challenging more than 1 person at a time. hmmmmmm, yesss… Spread all the heavy lifting. David seems to do good at Cardio. Might have to do that as the challenge. Some sort of WOD workout. Burpees, box jumps maybe? 50 of each? That’d be decently difficult. Hell I might have a panic attack if I try to do that much. Never know until I try though. Don’t people normally do like…. 100 of each? YUCK! sets of 10 wouldn’t make it too hard. Don’t know why I’m rambling about all of this to all of you but apparently that’s what I’m doing this AM cause that’s what’s needed.
My head is still spinning bad and I’m really not sure what side of up I’m on though I’m definitely manic today. I wish people understood that Manic didn’t mean “happy.” That it meant anxiety through the roof and the opposite of depression. I’ve been able to at least get a few more than normal loans done today. Been really on top of production in the last about hour got 4 done so that’s pretty on par with where I should be. Now I’m going to try to dive into the compliance courses. Hopefully they will help some of them in hints on how to do my job better. That’d be cool. Especially seeing as a lot of this has always been “here’s the deep end! Sink or swim!” Normally when I jump into something it’s with the comfort of already knowing I’m awesome at it >.> Cept for surfing… Still falling a lot for that but it’s been good at least.

Spinny Spin Spin… Stupid head stupid switches… <- Spitfyre.

She can’t stay out cause she doesn’t much talk. Nor can she do Loan Documentation. She can lift, she can run through the woods super fast, but she can’t do… a lot of people things. lil Fyre is also hyper active and non compliant today. With anything. So that’s been fun. She wants to disobey, cause a ruckus and in general create issues and problems.


Over and out. Guh. Yah… stay focused… about like a gnat today.


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