Jan. 26, 2017 – Tracking Me

So I think I’ve decided to try something fun and random with our hair and I think that everyone is so far on board to give it a go. Since we aren’t currently going platinum baby ice blue and white for Spitfyre… Sorry girl, we’ll get a wig for that but it’s too much bleach otherwise.

Let’s talk about being completely open with the world as that has been my goal for this year. I wanted the chance to tell everyone that I could about mental health, what I deal with it, how and why it affects me and of course answer any questions that I can regarding each of the issues that I have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: We told the Boss Lady.

The only way things are going to get better is if I work on them. To truly work on them I need to be able to be completely transparent. This is… hard. I don’t know what it’s like really coming out of the closet. I’ve told people I like women throughout life and it always seems lucky in a girls body cause everyone just seems to think it’s “hot.” Whatever. This is… different. This is scary and feels like it has so many consequences. Or could. At some point though, fuck it. I’m trying to work on things and I need to honor myself and those around me. So I told her.

We explained how yah… I’m trying to teach 7 of us how to do Loan Documentation. 7 of us…. two of which are under age 10 and just want to color all day. One of which for loans is completely useless as she can’t uh…. interact… at work. Yup. Fun times.

Time loss is super bad today. I really have no idea whats going on. I know I spoke to the boss, only remember some of it. But it didn’t look like it went over bad. I could tell she was a little flaberghasted. But overall that’s a pretty good reaction all things considered. “Hi, I’m Sylvia, there are actually 7 of me… Hiiiiiiiiii.”

Also random side note: HONOR WHAT YOUVE DONE
Last “year” really:
-moved across country
-started with WF and received 2 promotions in just over a year.
-launched and completed a Kickstarter
-published a coloring book
-delivered said book *with aid from MommaQuail*
-Got Therapy help
-Got a full diagnosis
-started Meds
-Learning how to surf
-killin’ it in archery still
-still killin’ lifts too.
-did almost a year as contract artist to Dragonpunk Games
-took commissions
-rehomed Brie
-left my partner(s)
-Met a new best friend


It’s true… I drive myself really hard. Like… really hard.
Notice how random this is? That’s where my brain is at today… it sucks. I can’t get anything done….. >.< *headdesks*

Asher and Carbon and I had a talk yesterday and we decided that as we are being out and open regarding everything that its about time that I start dressing and giving them more of “their’ time so that way they don’t have to shove me out of the way. I personally think this is a great idea. They’ve put up with all of our stuff for YEARS.
SO, we are coloring our hair.

I started watching videos and already purchased the hair color which should get here Saturday which I’m super excited about. Also, I think the tighter I can get the “Spiral” on the top of the head with the color the better it will come out. Which is going to be the most “time consuming” part. But once that’s sectioned after bleaching it a little bit so the color sticks, I know it will just be a matter of Painting it In and my BlackRaven-BunnyLove will be able to do awesome at that. 🙂



((TIME 1210))
–Current Mood (Public Facing): Nuetral, maybe a smidge of a smile
–Current Real Mood: No concept of time, frustrated, excited, nervous, unsure of where im at in the universe today.
–Worst Area: Time jumps
–Loss of Time: Unstable, quick switches, LONG loops
–Sleep: 4 hours of tossing and turning. NOT great….. 48% sleep… wtf even.
–The 7:
Syl – Can I have a pink unicorn for Valentines Day? (asked softly)
Spitfyre – pouts…. I want silver blue hair…
Carbon – Hair color WOOOOO! Still want a girlfriend… btw. <– CAN WE ADDRESS THIS PLOX? Asher agrees….
Asher – Blog writing. HAIR COLORING WOOOOO! Ordered hair color *dances* (and I do agree but things take time.)
Riven – Told the boss about us… I’m done today.
Sylvia – I’m ok to be here today.
-Meds: Oxcarbazepine (300mg morning and night), coffee with organic cocoa and lavender added , Aroma Therapy (now sadly worn off)



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