January 17, 2017 -Tracking Me

It’s been way too many days since I wrote in and a lot has happened that I will have to go over in my brain and see what I can do to catch up and get everything recorded. The TLDR:
I started a new medication on Thursday night and it has been a rough ass ride ever since.

When changing meds, make sure you can take off time from school, work, etc. It affects everyone different granted, but hot damn…


aaaaaand this is me avoiding writing because it feels like everything sucks right now. and I’m embarassed that it feels that way. GUH. I like to track progress, not shit tastic days where it feels like I’ll never crawl out of the pit *logically I know that’s not the case but getting the emo brain to agree is an entirely different story.*


-Stomach – ick
– hunger – rare
-sleep – weird dreams, restless, night terrors,
-mornings – impossible
-energy – super low
-mood – dower.



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