January 12, 2017 – Tracking Me

I get to go to therapy today! Hurray! Lots has happened since my last “emergency” session right before the new year (no actual emergency, I just really needed it… ok that’s a lie I super super needed it.). I think that was when I went. Yah. Maybe. I dunno. Oo…

Actually, I get to see my Psychopharmacologist. Talk about a mouthful. HA! That’s what she said… Ok I’m done now… Mostly… Sort of… Oknotreallyatall but moving along. Riven and I are learning at how to switch places in the office without yawning. People seem to be catching onto that >.> Maybe they really are reading the blog? That’d be interesting. Thank’s for reading everyone!

Also welcome to the blog of someone who’s moving through a more Manic set of moods. I CAN DO IT ALL! ROAR! GONNA BITE YER ANKLES OFF! GET IT ALL DONE! SNAPSNAPROAR! With every bit of genius comes a bit of insanity.  Which PS: Means I’m fucking brilliant. So don’t you forget it. Tested essentially Platinum Elite with pattern recognition and ability to problem solve. I should become the first mech pilot.. That’d be a good job for someone like me. Physical, calculated, I’d get to ride in a mech suit so there’d be that as a huge plus. I like this plan. Let’s do it.

See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Setting unrealistic goals on a grand scale (or just daydreaming in a non productive way as it just makes me distracted from things I guess I should be doing. But when your dreams are so much better and you could still sort of inch towards them in any way possible it feels better than staying stagnant and not progressing at all…). Oh yah. Having a brain this way can be channeled and actually do a whole lot of good, but on it’s own like it is now… I have to keep it in check. It’d be during times like this I feel like I push people away and/or scare them off because well… I’m intense.

Then again I also hold the keys for true Passion. Lyra has lust sure but… welllll she’s just got an interesting set of values either way you look at it. But enough about her. When she can figure out how to type she can talk on here. Speaking of talking to, gonna try to remember to actually give my therapist the link for this blog. That’d likely be helpful…

Hi Doc. A! This is Asher, I was also the one rambling above.. I do that sorry. I can get super caught up in what I’m doing and hyper focus. Which can be good if I can control it, bad if I fall into it.

((TIME 0940))
–Current Mood (Public Facing): Neutral, Aloof
–Current Real Mood: Undercurrent of anxiety. Threat level low. Manic/Depression quick switches.
–Worst Area: Time jumps (Riven caused) (which means at least docs were created and in a quick and great way…. still I can’t remember working on them, just that three were sent. Thanks lady….)
–Loss of Time: Decently Stable. Asher/Riven presiding, Sylvia Riding along
–Sleep: The sleep only a surfer can achieve. Carried to sleep by rock of wave and sensation of joy. Settled, calm, safe.
–The 7:
Syl – hidden
Spitfyre – grumbly, groggy, likely will go back to sleep unless needed
Carbon – in pj’s. He’s not doing nothing till we are wave bound or gym bound
Asher – I’m learning loan docs
Riven – performing loan docs, ride along teaching Asher
Sylvia – I’m here too I guess today. Just monitoring.
-Meds: Oxcarbazepine (300mg morning and night), cofffeeeeeeeeeee, Aroma Therapy after wake up to “set” calm for a while longer. So far it’s worked.

Stand In Image of Asher until I finish the drawing of him.

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