January 4, 2017 – Tracking Me

This morning I woke up panicked cause I knew I had to be awake early *which I did by over 40 minutes. Good job body, and Riven…. Darling we really like to sleep in a little bit longer. *She’s one of my DiD “alters” (I like to call them “Aspects”), but she doesn’t really like to be talked about. None of them do. Wasn’t safe for so many years that it still feels dangerous. Like some sort of top secret mission that might come apart if someone finds out. A dash of paranoid anxiety this morning you say? Yes we can add that to the mix…

((TIME 0807))
–Current Mood:
I’m about to be delightfully stoned from Thera-flu fog. With this cough I have coming on, I’m fine with it.
–Current Real Mood: Driving out to work today stressed me the fuck out. Mom and Dad drove me *real parents, not aspects. and I am VERY grateful for their help as my car wouldn’t have made it out of the neighborhood this AM.* Unfortunately it threw of the boys morning time, and Lyra’s little snippet, so I’m currently trying to plug in and muster sort of what feels like “before my time.”
–Worst Area: Everyone needs more coffee and sleep this AM. In fact being alone in a quiet room somewhere would be awesome. We don’t want to people today.
–Sleep: Woke up and stirred from about 0230-04oo. Woke up at 0545.
–The 7: Fragmented // Dom listing Riven, Asher. Carbon lifted super hard and is passed out. Spitfyre is chewing something, Syl is asleep, Lyra is thankfully passed the F out, and I’m here somewhere in the foreground. Sort of. Asher’s doing most of the typing cause he’s lots better at it.
– just one panic attack this AM before taking a few breaths of Aroma Therapy.
-Meds: Oxcarbazepine (300mg morning and night), Theraflu *every four hours until this cold buggers the hell off.*

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