Another Rant

You know what sucks about being a millennial? We’ve been essentially turned into the “bad guys” of the workplaces. We work differently, hold different values, and if you’re like me… are completely different from all of your team mates who would rather turn their nose to you and “tattle” your every move to your super rather than talking to you face to face at all. It’s great. Really. Does wonders for your reception of them, your willingness to work with them, and how friendly you want to be with them. Right now I’m at a complete 0 across the board for those. Just in case anyone was wondering.

So where am I running into issues?
-I got in trouble for asking questions. Not lots… like four…
-I’m an artist. This means I’m sketching constantly and my “sketches” are better “works of art” than most of them could hope to complete given a weeks time. So…. they take it that I’ve been fucking off for as long as it would take THEM to produce what I’M doing.
-I’m a challenge for my supervisor “and it’s going to be a good thing for them.”
-I’m “Really different from the rest of your team, they don’t understand you.” <–Well no shit, they also don’t take any time to talk to me or try to understand where this young, pretty, outgoing, artistic, gamer girl is coming from either. Maybe if they talked to me instead of scowling in my direction all the bloody time they’d know who I am. Though I also see how inconvenient it would be for them to have to open their brains.

I may be on a bit of a rant roll here. But it’s super frustrating working with a bunch of square pegs who have been stuck in their square holes for the last 20 years of their life and you’re shaped like a circle.

When asked, everyone keeps telling me, “Well try to see it from their perspective…” I was told earlier than my TINY set of watercolor tablets, and the brush measuring no more than 4 mm across was not only hazardous to corporate equipment, but could also stain (no worse than coffee, tea, soda, etc that people have ALL OVER THEIR BLOODY DESKS.) but also if I’m allowed this small controlled set of color (that I am completely competent in using) that others might bring in their bigger messier paints and get things everywhere and then it would all lead back to me being allowed.

-things not being handled on a case by case and person by person basis. I understand standards, but if you’re an old fart in a company, you’re essentially demanding a participation ribbon to everyone’s coping mechanism just because you see someone else doing a thing you haven’t thought of doing before yourself… and you all gripe about participation ribbons. Not everyone is a special snow flake you say? Guess what, neither are you. My art, and my skills, are not yours. You don’t get to do what I do. Cause your not special nor do you know how to do what I can. So piss off.
-Having to explain how my brain works cause it’s different from yours. Guess what folks: I’m a high functioning mental person. That means I have lots of issues, and I also have papers for those issues. You want to know how I got good at my art? Coping with the horror that was in my brain. You want that horror? Then you can have my skills, and the time I’ve fought to get off when I’m having a panic attack so I don’t have to stay trapped at my desk around a bunch of people that dislike me.

TLDR: I need an art job, where I can create art all day, and not be around a bunch of non artistic “Muggles.”

–Artistic Wizard from another Planet.






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