GalacticAcademy Part5

When the Terra Legacy started to run its missions out into the surrounding Star systems it had three Mech Teams, two of which were “haul” based mechs and only one of which flew. Over the years that number grew exponentially until they had the largest fleet, for a time, of nearly 400 mech’s and an additional 400 birds. The missions were fairly routine two month trips, but then had to be extended to near six month trips due to the distances they were beginning to have to go in order to search out anything new.

            In 634AC (after colonization) the time that Rockett and his Mech team boarded the ship they all had to sign up for the six month contracts. It was difficult and often times meant that one either didn’t have family, or one needed to create a family within the peoples that they were on board the ships with. It could make things difficult at times, but the relationship functioned fairly normally other than that. In addition to the normal family structure of two person relations, there was also bigger “constellations” and “star families.” It was not expected of any individual to keep one partner that was world bound. More often than not people had “star families” that were a part of their crew out in space, and some that went across entire fleets. The notion that one person was bound by some ancient religion had long since disintegrated. More of the focus was placed on the understanding of love and passion towards one another and the sharing rather than hording of that love and sentiment. In this way the entire culture was much more open. Hugs and kisses were more normally exchanged by friends and not something to be kept just between lovers.

The open notion of love originally caught more quickly  with those that were Seven Gene as they spent a majority of their life after age 12 at an Academy or as a part of a crew. Then, the idea spread through the rest of the ship crews after being around it for so long and then eventually back to their world bound families. There was originally push back from the first generations but the younger generations caught on much quicker seeing the benefits far outweighing the old notions of jealousy and that you had to have “all” of someone. Or that there was just “one” someone out there for each person and that was it.

Jeffery Blaze Rockett originally signed up in 634AC with his crew, Brandon Ruffkin who worked as Chief Engineer, Roderick Prospur who was the Lead Mecahnic, Jasimine Tolten, Jeremai Decker (of whom many believe Ruffkin’s Dectdor is named after for the mans abrasive sarcasm that was reflected in the small AI unit.) and Landon Nordson completed the team of six.

After signing on and looking at the Roster, Ruffkin had originally stated the unusual amount of high level Feelers even within the normal ranges that were being brought on the ship as well as the number of Strategic Adepts that were signed on. From an Academy perspective it seemed that they were loading the Terra Legacy less for simple space exploration and more towards the heavy end of a militaristic outreach. Which was completely fine with the team as many of them were excited to go out into the universe and meet other species. What none of them were expecting to do was to run into The Malstari.

The Malstari, or what is known of them at this point, are a long lived race. After the signals from the sister planet to Terra went dark, the Bravadan Sunrise was sent to investigate. What they found before nearly being captured was a ship that was nearly as large as a gas giant planet and completely dwarfed the planet that it prayed upon. They had sent “containment” ships which locked in a grid around the planet and acted as a barrier that wouldn’t allow ships to leave the atmosphere. Meaning the planet had been taken as prisoner, not just it’s people.

The Bravadan finally got a signal through, to find out that the Malstari hadn’t even announced themselves, and that had come in largely undetected. The only warning they had was the beginning of the containment ships that they saw coming in on the radars. They could only get people onto ships that were of course already built and staffed, and the amount of people they were able to send off world wasn’t nearly as many as they had hoped. Those that had made it off planet were able to get out of the area, but how far they had made it was unknown. Or if they had been able to get to another planet at all. Any other planet within the next three systems had all been completely captured, or cleansed, or had Malstari troops placed in order to keep the inhabitance of that world grounded. It seemed that the Malstari were after two key items, materials, and knowledge.

The Bravadan Sunrise reported back quickly to Terra on their findings regarding the Malstari and noted that they were a severe threat should they find Terra. Additional ships were also commissioned once the evidence was presented. They would not be left in the same situation that their sister planet had been. They would be able to escape off in ships long before the Malstari were able to get their containment ships around the planet. Their plan felt secured. Especially with the addition of more routine exploration missions.

It was on one of those exploration missions, some five star systems away in the SRG2045 Sector. The Terra Legacy had parked above a planet that was near a G type star and had started to go down to test the planet for possible mining or colonization opportunities. They had thought themselves far enough in the opposite position from where the Malstari had occupied to be safe. When the first signals were picked up by scout birds it came almost as a prank and was weighed heavily by the older command in disbelief. It was only after numerous other scout birds reported in with the same signals from the Malstari that the relay was taken seriously. By that time the large ship was being picked up on extended radar and extraction from the planet was done as quickly as possible. No team members were left behind though valuable technologies to the colonizers were.

Due to the overwhelming numbers and size from the Malstari incursion, Admiral _____ made the risky decision with delayed tech and feedback to start the Hyper Drive system and pull as many along with them as they could in order to make the jump into safer spaces. The delay had been nearly 10 minutes behind what was going on outside. The numbers, while incredible, were being held at a risky but steady bay. It would be found after collecting data from the remaining mechs that an additional 94 mechs would have been able to be saved if given an additional 60 seconds to board. The jump so close back to Terra was also increasingly threatening, and it was feared that the Hyper Space jump would have left a lasting trail that would have been able to be followed by the Malstari. 20 years has passed since the “First Contact” with the Malstari in that battle. It seemed the threat of the Malstari had vanished as swiftly as it had arrived.





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