GalacticAcademy Part3

Rockett could barely stay in his suit long enough to properly get Goldwing docked in the flight deck. Already he could hear the emergency teams scuttling about as all the screens in goldwing shut down and for a brief moment he was left alone just with the AI Alfred’s voice. The entire small insulated cabin was quiet and dim. Just a few emergency and loading lights were present, giving off a small blue light. It was calming. Taking a breath just to hear the soft sound of his own lungs fill with air, Rocket leaned forward on the interactive consol that was used to steer Goldwing.

“…FUCK!” Rockett slammed his fists down on the consol, one of his knuckles hitting the edge of a panel and scraping it. The sting felt good. The blood welled to the surface. He was alive, and lucky to be so, and he knew it. It wasn’t going to be easy carrying forward once they dropped out of Hyper Drive. What did the other dock look like on the other side of the ship? How many had they been able to save all together?

“There are others that could still use our help.” Alfed said quietly, his soft British accented voice a balm to the angry man. Angry and hurt. The fight was going poorly, he could barely remember why they had been out in that part of space. Was it truly a routine exploratory mission? He couldn’t…. remember.

“Alfred, what was the directive of this mission? Why were we even in that part of the galaxy?”

Alfred was interrupted by the reverse lurch affect that came with dropping out of hyperspace and back into real time. Rockett braced himself, and just in time, the ship clearly had taken damage from both the battle and then jumping into hyper drive with less fuel and energy than it normally would have had on reserves to make the landing less chaotic. Finally slamming to a stop Rockett was thankful of his ergo harness and only would up with a knee slammed into the center consol.

“Fuck!” The day was not getting any better, even out of battle, even mostly in one piece, he couldn’t help but feel for just a moment, the briefest onset of self pitty. Slamming his hand down on the consol again, the pain of the past cut flared, his knuckles landing on the hard metal and the push back from slamming into something so solid ran all the way up through his shoulder and into his jaw.

“Alfred stay online. I want full diagnostics sent to me as they load from that battle. I want to know the names and mechs of everyone we brought in. The names of those men that helped me pull the others in, and most importantly I want you to get each badge of the mechs that were burnt and unable to be recovered from our side of the ship.”

Unclicking the buckles from his ergo harness Rockett finally opened up the hull of the Mech and was greeted by the faces of relieved and worried engineers and mechanics that saw to Goldwing.

“LTJG Rockett, are you ok?” A tall lad with dark black hair stepped forward and asked, lending his hand to the Mech Pilot.

“Other than a couple of bruises from coming out of HyperSpace I’m fine. Get Goldwing cleaned up. What’s the status?”

The black haired man was chief engineer to the Goldwing Crew, Brandon Ruffkin, more often known as Ruff from his straight forward attitude and general lacking of fuzzy bunny feelings towards anyone but his mechanical aid Dectdor. Dectdor was a small dragon shaped robot that was programmed for Mech Diagnostics that Ruffkin installed an advanced AI into. Making Dectdor the first Diagnostics robot that could also express emotions, including sarcasm.

“Status is bitter, what would you expect?” Dectdor chimed off in an un-amused tone, jumping from Ruffkins shoulder and onto the consol, plugging his tail into the consol to begin reading the diagnostics from the battle.

Waving his hand dismissively, Rockett stepped out of the ship, and stretched everything painfully. While he hadn’t been physically battered, the tension of the entire battle was now wearing on him.

“Take care of Goldwing, I need to go speak to the Commander.”

Rockett stepped forward and walked past the rest of the crew, all of whom were friends, and all of whom would try to stop him. “Sir that’s not such a good idea right now given…”

“I don’t CARE what’s a good idea right now. Clearly neither did the Commanding Officer of this ship! If we’dve had another 60 seconds, we’dve been able to pull at least another squad of men into the flight deck. They were RIGHT THERE!.” Rockett was yelling at his chief technician, Prospur.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” a womans voice hollered from below the loading deck. Glancing over the rail the Goldwings crew looked down on a woman in Mech flight gear, orange white and gold, with bright gold cording. She flew the Sunspath, and had been helping Rockett pull people in with the lassos.

“Get down and go talk to the Commander, you’re not going to do anyone any good yelling at your crew.”

She had a point. Rockett stifled his anger and balled his fists, doubly embarrassed not only by being called out in front of his team, but at the childish behavior. Yelling at the crew wasn’t going to do any good. Likely it would also be a waste of time to yell at the Commander, but he needed to have his voice heard. There was still much that troubled his mind.

Climbing down the tower stairs, The Sunspath pilot was still standing there, arms folded across her chest and a scowl on her face. “I’m not… mad at you. Just… feeling the same frustrations.” She extended her hand, “Good fighting out there.” She smiled, but it didn’t make it even half way up to her eyes.

“You too. Thanks for helping me pull as many as we did in.” Rockett replied, and then looked over his shoulder and out the flight deck bay doors. His stomach plummeted all over again. The open bay doors had a shield that prevented the air from being sucked out and kept everyone on the deck contained in a synthetic gravity field. Outside the deck metal balls and blobs still cooled, some still showing their heat from being pulled on the outside of the ship a crossed galaxies. Anger flared all over again and without another word to anyone Rockett jogged off in the direction of the elevators and headed straight to the flight deck…







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