GalacticAcademy Part2

**parts are purely regarding the number of posts, not actual chapters…. also holy hell I hate not having an ergonomic keyboard…wtfeven.**

Grieves tucked her head down low and tried to pay close attention to just what was going on her screen an nothing else. Though that didn’t exactly help her state of mind. Hearing her commander lose his cool was something that happened… never. This was bad.

“Sir we’re taking on more casualties,”

Another command operator hollered out, and then another and another. There were so many mechs all trying to fly for the flight deck all at once that it was hard to even approach it. Especially with the inundation of the Malstari mechs that were trying to cloud them out of their own fly space around the Terra legacy. The explosions got close enough to the command deck that even through the reinforced walls it was beginning to get easier to hear everything that was going on in the air space around them.

Grieves worked as fast as she could to pull all the different systems online for the Hyper Drive. It was going to be their only shot at getting at least some of them out of there alive, even if it wouldn’t be in one piece necessarily. Anyone who wasn’t completely inside of the ship when they hit the drives would be pulled along, and while the smaller energy barriers around the mechs were getting more and more advanced all the time their science and technology was still far from perfect. So they were going to have to pray to the Sol that they made it.

“Drive Command, how are we at bringing the Hyper Drive online?” Grieves asked pulling the headset even closer to her mouth in order to make sure that her requests were being heard over the din that had erupted as time got closer,

“We’re ready to go when you are Command Control!”

With that knowledge Grieves Slammed her hand down on the giant button in front of her, “Command Control, this is Operations Officer Grieves. The Hyper Drive has been engaged. you must be in the Flight Deck within 120 seconds. Otherwise your chances of survival will be minimum.”

Without thinking Rockett, who was pulling into the flight deck right as the call went out, hit the intercom to Command Control, “Are you bloody fucking crazy?! You realize that anything out there with a heat signature is going to be pulled along right?”

“LTJG Rockett, you do realize that if we don’t make this hyper drive jump as soon as possible that there will be no one to get pulled along at all correct?” The commanders voice, much in suprise to the outrageous outburst that had just taken place, was back to being its steeled and cold tone.

“There’s got to be another way to deal with the Malstari!” Rockett spoke to Alfred as they landed on the flight deck and turned around to take aim at any of the incoming Malstari. Over the next few minutes they were able to actually get more of their brethren on board and even took two of the Malstari Soldier Class suits, instantly taking out the Malstari inside before they were able to detonate the suits and have them explode. It was a huge risk but would hopefully be worth it and provide science necessary to beat them in the future.

“10…..9…..8….7…” The countdown timer for the Hyper Drives was settling into its final numbers. Rockett kept firing and resolved to do so until they were as far away from the fight as possible. When the Hyper Drives kicked in everything seemed to stand still for a moment, then as the ship lurched forward at what also started to seem like the slowest motion ever, Rockett felt his stomach drop.

Starting only a quarter mile off of the ship and then increasing in intensity as it got far away Rockett heard the screams. Of the mechs, and of the soldiers inside of them. The suits, some of them that were closer, flashed hot for an instant, others lost only a few bolts. Those closest were actually able to complete their landings. But farther out they weren’t so lucky, some of the suits lose whole limbs, and others were torn completely in half, the worst was watching the suits heat, and over time start to melt until there was nothing but chunks of molten metal that were being dragged along the sides of the ship. It was a blessing, in a way, that the suits that burned stopped screaming before the ones that were just injured.

The travel through Hyper Space wasn’t nearly as quick as everyone seemed to think it was. in order to jump across entire systems, and even greater past those systems and into other systems took way more time. It was a slow pull that only seemed to go by because the trails of lights that used to be the stars. Everyone inside of the ship was able to actually walk their mechs to a doc and the crews wre there ready and willing to help the pilots get out. Rockett stayed at his post just inside of the flight deck. A few others remained with him with lassos that started to try to pull what mechs they could reach inside of the ship as well. It worked at first, but the lassos only reached so far. There were so many that they weren’t able to pull into the ship and Rockett tried to not get absorbed in the number that he watched melt, and scream, and disintegrate.

After what seemed like forever Alfred spoke in a tone that he had hoped sounded as sympathetic as possible, “Sir… That’s all we can grab. Any remaining mech is either outside of the Lassos and unharmed, and will hopefully remain as such until we reach Terra, or they are in too bad a condition to be reached humanely at all. We’ve done all we can.”


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