Creature Compendium: T-12 Days

It’s been a very long time since I wrote in a Blog. I’ve been writing in a journal the past two months and let me tell you what, it takes a hell of a lot longer to write things by hand then it does to type. Sometimes that’s needed for the deeper contemplation of things though. All of that is another story though.


12 Days to Launch
After 7 months of work I’m close to launching a dream. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me.
This coloring book took:
24 years of drawing.
6 years of university.
Countless sleepless nights staying up doing art.
Countless days getting in trouble at school for drawing on everything.
Drawing at sleepovers, watching tons of anime and eating brownies.
Drawing when I wanted to play video games instead.
Drawing when I’m at work no matter the consequences.
Parents that supported their daughter becoming an artist.
Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Godparents that bought me art supplies at every holiday.
A start up board game company that took a chance on a “nobody.”
Stream followers who’ve been there for my art, and my Corgis.
TONS of tears through the years.
Courage I didn’t know I had.
Strength I didn’t know I possessed.
An Unyielding Dream
Now… I’m taking a leap. 12 more days. Here we go!

It would be a complete lie to say that I’m not actually crawling out of my skin nervous and anxious over the entire endeavor. Then again if I wasn’t I think that would be almost a bigger problem. 

There comes a time when you reach a point on a project and you have to just sit back and go, “Ok… It’s done.” Though really there’s never anything that’s truly finished. Not something that can’t be added or changed or done better or differently over time. The best part about that is learning how to go “It’s done,” and feeling confident in being able to move onto the next step or project.

This coloring book is the culmination of everything on the above list and so much more that’s not listed. I’m going to try to blog everyday from here going forward. I’d like to have a written diary to look back on over this journey.

12 days… Here we go!

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