Dragowl Painting and “The List”

So yesterday I did something amazing. I finished Dragowl, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how he came out. I’m still searching for the right place to set up an auction for him as I want to hit the widest audience I have. I think Twitch will be a good place to promote it, as well as facebook and twitter. I want a platform where many can place bids easily and then link it to my paypal at the end. I THINK I can do that through facebook and am going to look at that today. Especially considering how many people have FB.


–If you are interested in purchasing a print: PLEASE comment on facebook and/or email me with which print you’d like and how many at

Secondly there is THE LIST:


Sarah B (Shaded Sketch) – Completed
RikMcCloud (Shaded Sketch) – Completed
John Sk. (bust sketch) – not completed
Theldanis (See Twitch Email) – not completed
Schmarr M (20×20 Acrylic Painting) – Completed
Malus (Wedding Set DigPainting) – Completed
Megan C. (Hour and a Half Art Time) – Completed
Seth FA (hour character art) – Completed
D Syles Lady (Char Sketch) – Completed

GamingCommunity (Char Sketch) – not completed
Ehh123 (Headw/Shading or FullBody w/outShading)
EchtoPLasma’sStream (1.25 Hours)
TK Art Norway (Two Shaded pieces, 1.25 Hours)
Bryan W (Headw/Shading or FullBody w/outShading)
Sabrina B (Two Sketches, 45min Art Time)
Ben D (Headw/Shading or FullBody w/outShading)
JennWeaver (2.5 Hours)
Carol G (Two Shaded pieces// 2.5 Hours)
Aaron T (wishes to see Brie better: May request art)
Kamakru (Head Sketch)
Michael VA (Hour Art Time: should they choose it)
Felicia M (Shaded Sketch)
Alexis B (down payment on a Painting)
Jenna K (Shaded Sketch)
Jorg K (non shaded Sketch)
Courtney Pirate (A painting of her choosing//Pirate themed?))
Leo n EagleGirl (Super Hero Painting?)
Malus (Four Digital Paintings)
Joe H (1.25 Hour Art Time)

I am going to be working through this list and reaching out to you through your PayPal emails in order to contact you. If you prefer a different email please reach out to me at sylvia.armitstead@gmail.com with what you’d like.


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