The Great Art List!

Last week it was suggested that I make a list for all of those that donated towards the Brie Fund. I thought this was a wonderful idea but honestly felt too overwhelmed to do so at the time. One step at a time though right?

Brie has started to make a full recovery and I only hope that once I take her off of the medication that she doesn’t relapse. So we aren’t out of the woods yet. Her insides still seem to be trying to figure out what to do and how to well… make things firm again. It’s getting there. But instead of boring or grossing you all out with those details we will get to the magnificent list! This is in the order that I received donations and is the order I will be working through in order to get everyone taken care of. There were a few of you that mentioned you didn’t want anything other than seeing Brie get better, you’re still on this list and if at any point you would like a piece please let me know. ((names on this list may be partial or alias as I can in order to give anonymity to those that would wish it.


Sarah B (Shaded Sketch) – Completed
RikMcCloud (Shaded Sketch) – Completed
John Sk. (bust sketch) – not completed
Theldanis (Shaded Sketch) – not completed
Schmarr M (20×20 Acrylic Painting) – Completed
Malus (Wedding Set DigPainting) – Completed
Megan C. (Hour and a Half Art Time) – not completed
D Syles Lady (Char Sketch) – not completed
GamingCommunity (Char Sketch) – not completed
Ehh123 (Headw/Shading or FullBody w/outShading)
EchtoPLasma’sStream (1.25 Hours)
TK Art Norway (Two Shaded pieces, 1.25 Hours)
Bryan W (Headw/Shading or FullBody w/outShading)
Sabrina B (Two Sketches, 45min Art Time)
Ben D (Headw/Shading or FullBody w/outShading)
JennWeaver (2.5 Hours)
Carol G (Two Shaded pieces// 2.5 Hours)
Aaron T (wishes to see Brie better: May request art)
Kamakru (Head Sketch)
Michael VA (Hour Art Time: should they choose it)
Felicia M (Shaded Sketch)
Alexis B (down payment on a Painting)
Jenna K (Shaded Sketch)
Jorg K (non shaded Sketch)
Courtney Pirate (A painting of her choosing//Pirate themed?))
Leo n EagleGirl (Super Hero Painting?)
Malus (Four Digital Paintings)
Joe H (1.25 Hour Art Time)

I am going to be working through this list and reaching out to you through your PayPal emails in order to contact you. If you prefer a different email please reach out to me at with what you’d like.


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