Custom Creature Creations

Custom Creature Creation Sheet

Yesterday after work I really wanted to do some art, but I wanted to do something that was more sort of “just for fun” rather than anything that felt like more work. Which I’ll admit, some days after a long days worth of work, can be harder than it sounds. Then I got this really neat idea. There are a TON of “adoptable” style characters out there now a days. Especially on Deviantart and FurAffinity.

What is an adoptable?
An Adoptable is a premade character that you can purchase for the use of redrawing, writing stories, using as an image on forums, as avatars and much more. Some people create entire races and have them as a “closed species” meaning you can adopt a character they’ve made but can not create your own character out of that species. Some have “breedables” meaning you can buy two and with permission from the original artist and creator, creature your own broods from them.

The above style is a bit of a different spin on  “Egg” adoptables. The artist creates an egg and you get to purchase that image and then see what it “hatches” into. In the past I’ve done evolving eggs where you actually get more than one pose and essentially get to “watch your character grow up.” which are a ton of fun and give the person adopting the egg quite a bit of art for the dollars they are spending.

In this case you get to use the eggs as a sort of stepping stone. The egg denotes either a reptilian inspired creature, a avian inspired creature or a mammal inspired creature. I added the Stone enhancers both as an excuse to have an accent color outside of the color palettes or to use as a “magic” element. Also after years of drawing random creatures for people, knowing which element they are drawn to sort of helps me to know what sort of creature they are really looking for. Almost like a “personality” marker.

Below are two adoptables that were commissioned last night in my stream. I will be leaving this template up for quite a while for people to use and purchase from as its just too much fun. If you’d like an “Egg Adoptable” from above please leave a comment below or email me at


Additional Future Project:
Looking at turning this into a collectibles game for the mobile phone and computer app stores. If you know how to code, hit me up!


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