My Twitch Journey Continues

First Twitch Commission Ever!

First Twitch Commission Ever!

I joined Twitch TV right before the start of the new year, this year, 2015. It started off as a bit of an experiment and one that I was actually pretty nervous about. I’ve used other streaming platforms such as Join.Me, Livestream, and a few small others.  What I found though, was that I was only able to reach a small audience, the ones that had already found my art on Deviantart and elsewhere. Wanting to work towards the goal of a more concept art based style and focus, as well as wanting to have access to the gaming industry in a larger way Twitch seemed like the perfect way to go. So far, the experience has been fast paced and intense.

The first few nights I was streaming it was a combination of WoW: Warlords of Draenor and doing commissions for peoples WoW characters. This is something I want to continue in the future. My guildies were even awesome and let me stream the raids we did. Not to mention great hanging out in Mumble. The conversations…. oh the conversations that can occur there…

Back when I reached 50 Followers. I need to draw an update!!

Back when I reached 50 Followers. I need to draw an update!!

Streaming a split of games and art allowed me to give myself more permission to play games as well as still make time for art. As my overtime hours at work came to a close and I got into archery first one day and then two days a week my streaming and especially the gaming side of things really started to diminish to the point that I’ve been back to art only streams. While there’s nothing wrong with that I think once I get myself settled again I will go back to at least a split on a couple of days a week in order to get a bit more balance worked back in. And let’s face it, it’s too fun to NOT game when I get the chance now and again.

The good thing about my art only streams was I was able to get back to a lot of commissions. “Unfortunately” as time went on the more diverse content that gaming brought to my commissions also diminished. While I do not mind drawing things for the Furry Community (and whom are some of my most avid and prolific supporters), I want to be able to draw characters from games, or OC’s as well! Bring me your orcs, your trolls, your halflings and Daenei, your goblins and Elin, Porpori and more! These kinds of creatures and races with their varying armor and clothing is really where my passion lies. It’s an interesting line to walk between work I’m “known” for and the type of art I actively want to be pursuing.



Dragons hold a dear place in my heart. Oddly enough, it apparently shows when I draw them!

Dragons hold a dear place in my heart. Oddly enough, it apparently shows when I draw them!

Right now I don’t have a regular schedule. If the weathers nice after work I’m going to be outside doing archery or Crossfit. Two of the activities that I GREATLY enjoy. What’s not to love about lifting heavy things and improving my health and physique? What’s not to love about putting arrows downrange and growing stronger in the process? There is going to be a time coming up here rather swiftly where I’m going to be moving to a new state and getting settled. Once I am settled and while I’m looking for a new job I will start to set up a more regular schedule to be on Twitch.TV.

Sketch Sale!

So I do this thing every now and again where I drop my prices through the floor. Such a time is going on now and will be continuing through June 23. I’m going to try really hard to be around a LOT in order to get as many of these types of commissions finished. What type you ask? A basic sketch for 15.00 USD single character, 30.00 to add flat tones, 45.00 for a nicely shaded or “rendered” look. ALL funds made with this are going directly to helping me move and become established again.


The Patreon!

If you are thinking that a sketch would be awesome but you really want to take things to the next level because I’m just too entertaining or cuter than a kitten in a basket blushing behind my coffee mug… Let me direct you to my Patreon. There are some great levels to back at that will earn you art on a MONTHLY basis! Definitely the way to go for an art enthusiast!


I also wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to ZLadyLuthien and all of those who followed her **and that white rabbit!** into my stream yesterday. Thank you for so so many follows **24 in a day! That’s a record!** and so much good friendly company. I greatly look forward to seeing you all in my stream again and being able to make so many more new friends!


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