Be your own Marketing Team: overview and question session

You could have the best product on the whole world, and could even deliver it at a super low price for your customers. Unfortunately without the proper types of marketing and getting the word out there about what you have your product will go nowhere and you wont be able to sell a single one. The same thing goes for your resume and selling “yourself” as a person who is capable of many things and can search for many jobs. It does you no good if you can’t properly communicate all of those skills and assets that you have.

There was a time not so long ago where getting a job meant building a resume on a type-writter or even a basic home computer and going door to door from store to store and or other places of business walking in and up to the receptionist and handing them your resume and hoping for a call back. Sometimes if you were super lucky they gave you an application you could fill out on the spot and or take home and return.

Now a days we have the power of the internet behind us to do almost limitless self marketing.

As an artist I would say find a few galleries that you can and will post to regularly. I prefer Artstation and Drawcrowd due to the level of art I find there. I want to be “one of the big boys” and on the top. Meaning if I post stuff where they’re at, and have that as reference I’m going to push towards those kinds of advancement.



Ok, so you have a few galleries, awesome. Now what. Now we turn to the amazing tool that is social media to get our stuff out and in front of as many people as we can.

I personally like Instagram as sort of my “main hub.”


The reason I like it so much is it allows me to post to it, twitter, facebook, and tumblr all at the same time. So you’re covering four areas all at once. Additionally all of them use hash tags so learning how to properly hashtag your stuff is really important.

When you are signing up for social media accounts try to use the same name and or “Tag” for yourself. For instance across most platforms I’m now known as @SaberlinSLA or by my real name. This makes it easy for people to find me.

Since there are many of us already in social media I’d like to open this up at this time to a more question based post. What questions do you have regarding the use of social media?

Please feel free to ping me either on here with a comment, or on Twitter @SaberlinSLA


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