Regulating the “Red Plague” MY WAY.

I really want to post this on my facebook page, but at the same time I don’t want to have to deal with the shit-storm that I could likely receive about it from certain friends and family. Yah, that’s a shitty realization to have isn’t it?
As an adult, full grown woman who has made the choice to not have children I get enough guff as it is. Why don’t I breed? Cause I don’t fucking want to thanks. Why do I want to still have sex? Uh… have you had it? It’s FUN! It’s a great way to connect to your partner! It’s healthy and has benefits to your body! I could go on but lets face it, if you’ve had sex you already know these things.
Additionally, birth control is used for a lot of other things, like regulating hormones for those of us whose body doesn’t do it naturally. I was twelve years old when “The Red Plague” came to town for the first time. Two days after Christmas… Thanks Santa… NOT. Even after two years it wasn’t “regular” like all the other girls was. Sometimes it would be there, other times it wouldn’t. Then when I was 14 it went for almost three months straight, and I almost died. As it turns out you’re not supposed to bleed for that long. Who knew right?
It was with the greatest embarrassment after my THANKFULLY questioning mother wouldn’t let it go, that I told her. We went to the doctor who took my vitals and told me straight up how I should have spoken sooner and how I was slowly bleeding to death. Wow what a way to almost go. Here lies Saberlin she was only 13. *Shudders* Luckily for me I had a wonderful mother and a great family doctor who knew what to do. Put me on Birth Control. Yup. I was the tender age of 13 when I first started hormones to help balance my own that weren’t there.
It’d be years before I choose to have sex. Sure I was on BC so why not? I was waiting for it to be right. That’s right boys and girls you can be on Birth Control and still choose to not have sex. Crazy that right? Besides, the thought of winding up with a child was too terrifying to risk it.

Years later I’m still childless and still on Birth Control. To this day it helps me regulate the “Red Plague.” It makes my cramps to where they aren’t debilitating and I have to stay in bed because the world swims if I try to stand and gives me insane migraines. Years later it helps with my moods and my mental health.

Life off of Birth Control for me means pain, depression, and slowly dying. My boss, pastor, friends, should not have any say in whether or not I choose to be on this. ESPECIALLY my boss. Not having babies is only a small fraction of what this hormone help does for me.

//End Rant


((These opinions and experiences are my own. If you choose to allow your boss, friends, family, and pastor into this portion of your life, then that is your choice. I choose not to. I’m not looking to start a fight but if you’d like I’d love to open this to civil discussion.))

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