Game Design Journal XXIV – Listing Out All the Needed Art is Scary

Getting a list to work on for the Dating Sim Game that Megan and I are working on gives me a good task oriented look at all that needs doing.

I will be taking a brief break from commissions through the end of this week in order to catch up on some of this list and make it a little bit smaller.

Make sure to come visit me on Twitch.TV at the following link: <–Give me a follow if you'd like to get updates in your email about when I go live, or follow me on Twitter for the same.

See you all in the artverse!

Megan Condis

This is kinda freaking me out. I decided to go through my script for the game and list out all the background art, expressions/poses for characters, and sound effects I would need.  And the list is, to put it lightly, daunting. ***** Sound FX

  • typing sound
  • mouse click
  • some kind of “poof” or magic appearing sound for both Witch and Wizard
  • time spell casting sound
  • b-ball: shoes scuffling, hoop switch, dibbling ball
  • restaurant background sounds: clinking plates and silverware, buzzing convos
  • pounding on glass
  • Say Anything song (or something that sounds similar – romantic song)
  • whispering
  • bar background noise (buzzing convos, glasses, juke box?)
  • splashing/swimming
  • Whistle blowing
  • MUSIC!  – title screen and credits = a theme song for sure.  other scenes?  don’t want to drown out sound fx but don’t want dead stillness either… play around with this.

Background Images

  • Masumi’s room – day, sundown, night -DONE
  • neutral gender room…

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