The Micro Vacation: Take me away from the Mundane!

You’re sitting at your desk, staring at a screen, fingers moving mechanically over a keyboard ill fitted to your fingers. Your mouse isn’t nearly as comfortable as the one you have at home and your tush is sorely wishing for the chair you purchased for yourself, for your home. Better yet to be sitting on the couch all together. As these thoughts nibble away at the patience you have for the day and the workplace, a song comes on your media streamer that you’re listening to illegally *because why should worker drones have the enjoyment of music in the background.* The music starts to take you away and even as you stare at your screen, your sight starts to glaze over and you imagine being on a beach with your favorite beverage in hand….

Any hard worker knows the importance of giving into these mental beach wanderings. Let your mind wander even if your body can’t. The gift of the imagination can take you anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to schedule an appointment or book a flight. You don’t have to pack or worry about forgetting anything as you can materialize all your needs around you at the simple request of your mind.

Perfecting the micro vacation can take a little bit of time and practice, just as everything does. You might want to be on a beach but wind up in a cafe in France instead, or sitting on the lawn in front of the Colosseum. The important thing is to let go of the “reality” around you for just a little while. A minute, five minutes, ten if you can snag them. As you progress in your practice of the Micro Vacation you may be able to carry the images with you while you continue your work thus prolonging your mental vacation even as you continue to work at the task at hand.


Landscape Study 2014 – photoshop – Sylvia Armitstead

Through the Micro Vacation you might find that you start to build regular places in your mind to go to. I have a forest glen with a small water-fountain and a pool of water, there’s a great little cafe tucked into the backwoods that has a train that runs by occasionally (it shakes my coffee cup a bit, but it’s fine and the folk are always understanding if I spill.), and an entire Queendom in which I always get a Queens welcome when I “come home,” to it. These places serve as beautiful retreats to escape the mundane. They soothe my mind and allow me to reset and come back to this reality feeling renewed after only a few minutes away.

Sometimes the Imagination and a Micro Vacation can be better than any starbucks or energy drink.

Important parts of the mental micro vacation:
-Don’t feel guilty about taking them.
-Understand that clearing your mind from work for a few minutes here and there is healthy and will help you focus better on your tasks.
-If you work on heavy equipment or with machinery of any kind, please make sure you are locked out tagged out, and or have done the proper safety procedures before allowing your mind to wander and before you take a micro vacation.
-This post telling you to take Micro Vacations does not excuse you from doing your work or from getting things done.
-Always take Micro Vacations responsibly.

Questions for the day:
-Where do you go on your Micro Vacations?
-When did you first hear about eh Micro Vacation?
-Do you need a musical aid to get there or can you travel there at will?

-A series on the moral superiority that can trap artists from advancing in their skills.


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