Game Development Journal XXI – Concept Art for Erykah

Here is a character I’ve been working on the past couple of days for Megan’s upcoming game. Make sure to check out her blog for more information regarding this project!

Megan Condis

Here we are again with some amazing concept art from Sylvia Armitstead!


This is Erykah, Masumi’s roommate and best friend.  As Sylvia put her together, she asked me some questions about how I imagined her personality and her life outside the events of the game and I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Erykah is a no-nonsense STEM major, a straight A student and a member of student government.

She is extremely protective of Masumi, who she considers to be a bit too flighty for her own good, and she is disdainful of CJ’s unwillingness to ask her out.  Of course, she was the first person to notice that CJ had a crush on her roommate and she is well aware that Masumi does not share CJ’s feelings.  However, Erykah tries to stay out of other people’s business… that is, unless, she gets asked directly what…

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