Making the MOST of Time.

Of there’s one thing that has absolutely rang true as I’ve gotten older its, “As you grow up the years will start to go quicker.” Well, not only do the years start to go quicker, but the months, the weeks, the days, and the hours. More often than not there are not nearly enough hours in the day or even quite as many minutes to the hour as we would like to have to get things done. Not to mention having a little bit of time over at the end of the day to do the things we actually want to be doing. I am of the opinion that it is one of the very wrong things with the way we are doing things. We are all spending too much time at work, which while that may benefit the companies we work for, it does not often equally benefit our own lives. And shouldn’t it?

How does one gain enough “time” out of the time they are given. What can we do in order to most fulfill the things we not only need in our lives but also desire to have there. In addition to finding the balance that we all need between work and play. Last week I spoke about “walking in your own parade,” where we went a little bit into how being a little bit selfish can actually be a good thing. Looking after self and doing the things you love. It is only after we have fulfilled ourselves that we can then pour that self into those around us and care for them to our full potential.

This last weekend was exceedingly good for me and the reason was because it was incredibly balanced. It contained both work and play. Things I needed to get done and things I wanted to do. Occasionally the two things even overlapped. Having double benefit.

I often joke that I much prefer to make “double dollars,” when I’m at work. This means I’m likely sitting at my day job, dreaming up game elements, sketching game art, or coming up with a story of some kind. If I can use those elements to make a future Kickstarter better, and I used “work” time to do it, then it doubles that time. Besides who doesn’t like to day dream while mindlessly entering numbers into a spread sheet?

This weekend was somewhat similar in that while I did spend a good portion of that time shooting my bow *see also: hanging out with my room mate and friends, getting more upper body strength, working on holding still, meditating* taking naps on the lawn by the lake *see also: Dreaming, relaxing, allowing body to recover from shooting bow* I also still had time in my evenings to do some art *see also: an activity I love to do, listening to awesome music, hanging out with good people, taking commissions, saving money for the upcoming move.*

So while I could say I did three things, Shot my bow, took a nap, did some art, there was really much more to it. All of the things that I did were also beneficial to me in one way or another *being selfish in good ways.* In taking the time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, rest, be around people *extrovert* I was able to fill my Self Cup all the way to the top, complete with whip cream and sprinkles! When I sat down that night to do commissions, I was then able to use that bountiful mug to pour into my art which then benefited others.

The thing is, even as an extrovert I need to make sure I’m taking time for myself and doing things that are equally beneficial and enjoyable to me, in order to do things like stream art live and be around people. Without those activities and doing the things I enjoy I would not have the energy, creativity, or exuberance to bring to my art and the other work that I do.

Remember: This is YOUR life. Make sure you take time for YOU and do the things YOU LOVE.

Questions for the week:
-What are things that you can do to “recharge” or “refill” your personal Mugs?
-What are activities that you can do that give you “double dollars?” (see also: fishing, something you enjoy doing, puts fish on the dinner table, thus saving dollars that you earned at work for using elsewhere)
-Are you making time every day to “recharge?”

Up Tomorrow:
The Importance of the “Micro Vacation”


One thought on “Making the MOST of Time.

  1. I love the image of walking in my own parade. I am going to imagine what I wear, the parade route, what the bands play.

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