Game Development Journal XX – Enigma Character Design

While I had never heard of a “PuA” .>

Megan Condis

I’m really excited about this one, guys.

I have long been fascinated with Pick Up Artists, or PUAs for short.  These guys have attempted to codify and gamify the dating world, relying on routines and statistics in an attempt to maximize their “high score” (the number and quality of women they date).

You might have seen these sparkling diamonds on VH1’s The Pickup Artist or read about them in Neil Strauss’s book The Game.

I knew right away that if I was going to make a project that satirized dating sims, I would have to include a section about the dating scene’s real world “gamers.”

To that end, I give you: Enigma!


When the artist, Sylvia Armitstead presented me with her initial vision of the character, he looked a lot like Tuxedo Mask.  I told her: more douchey, please!  And she game me this!  Perfect!

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