March in your own Parade

A topic that I’ve been wanting to cover more in depth for quite a while is the concept of “Marching in your own Parade.” This is sort of like “Marching to the beat of your own Drum,” but much less… well I was going to say much less Selfish, but in reality it’s more like how to be selfish in a good way and how it benefits your life.

What if you could walk in your own parade? What if you could choose all the banners, all the floats, all the big brass bands, or little traveling bands, or no bands at all? What if you could dress however you want, and do the things you love all the time? Simply put: You can. What’s better? If done right it will naturally gravitate you towards like minded individuals with whom you will enjoy spending time and be naturally closer to as you have things in common from the get go.

When you travel in your own parade, with all your own colors, your own music that you have chosen for yourself and you move through life happy and content with yourself people are going to recognize the confidence that you carry within your steps. They will see a person who has built themselves up, who is proud of who they have put in work to become and you will GLOW.

Once you begin to march in your own parade and doing the things you love you’re going to stop focusing so much on not only what others are doing around you, but how what they are doing reflects upon you. Which should be next to nothing. Too often we worry about looking for friends, looking for significant others, and wondering why we don’t find them. That old saying that Love and friendship doesn’t come along when you’re desperately searching for it is true. If you get too tangled up in worrying about “are people going to like what I wear, are they going to like the music I listen to? etc” you’re not going to enjoy what you’re wearing and the music you listen to. Switch it around.

“I LOVE what I’m wearing and how I look. I LOVE the music I listen to.” <– Think about Self, ENJOY the Self that is you. In doing so there will be other people maybe dressing the same way, listening to the same music, and doing the same activities that you are doing. It’s going to be easier to enjoy being around these people as you will already be sharing things in common with them.

In short: Do what you love, enjoy your life and people will gravitate towards you. Do what you love, enjoy what you do and it will show in your work, in your posture, and in all things. March in your own parade. When people fall into step with you, smile and say hello, ask their name, you may have found a new friend. Don’t worry about looking for people, just enjoy yourself. It’s your life after all.



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