Game Development Journal XIX – Initial Scripting Almost Complete

Great things are happening with this game! Megan Condis​ has nearly everything completed from the writing side. Then I get to complete the characters, and backgrounds for the game. Some of which you’ve already seen. SO EXCITED!
2015 is shaping up to be the “Year of Digital Games” for me and I couldn’t be more pleased about it.

Megan Condis

I’m pleased to share that the initial scripting (in the theatrical sense of writing the dialogue and blocking out the scenes) is almost complete!

I wanted to have everything plotted out as fully as possible in order to reduce the workload on my artist collaborator, Sylvia Armitstead.  This way, she knows exactly what locations and characters and expressions and costumes I need.

Next comes the task of stitching everything together using Switches and Variables.  I need the game to be able to check for and respond to two things:

  • In this Groundhog Day-style plot about time travel and reliving the same day over and over, the game needs to be able to tell when the player has been through all of the available permutations so that it can move the player forward to the *actual* ending/resolution in which CJ is able to see the error in trying to force someone…

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