Game Development Journal XVIII – Character Art for Luca

Come meet Luca, active, athletic and super sweet!

Megan Condis

Here is another character concept for Luca, CJ’s rival and Masumi’s hot date!


Thanks again, Sylvia Armitstead!

Note: Just like my last game, I am purposefully cultivating racially diverse cast of characters.  This game has the added dimension of sexuality, so I’m having Masumi’s crush be a woman.  However, just as I’m not speaking to CJ’s sex or gender, I’m also not labeling Masumi as lesbian or bi or questioning or anything of the sort.  CJ is the character who is obsessed with labels.  Just because Masumi is going on a date with a girl doesn’t mean that she only likes girls or that CJ must be a girl.  I will be interested to see how this reveal plays out, if it causes players to rethink their assumptions about CJ or about Masumi.  But I am thinking about it this way: Luca is hot!  And sweet!  Who wouldn’t want…

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