Regeneration: Not just for the Doctor

Watching Doctor Who is a pretty great experience. We get to watch this alien run around in a time traveling “ship,” have all sorts of adventures, live through countless close calls due to having two hearts.. oh and another ability. The ability to completely regenerate ones self into a whole new being.

New face, new body, new teeth, bow ties, bow ties are cool!


What if we could do that? What if, we could wake up some morning tired with everything about ourselves and simply…. Regenerate. In a way, we can. Here’s how:

Step One: Ridding one’s self of the “Old Self”
Often in life we come to a point where things have become nothing but monotonous habit. Whether we like doing certain things, actually enjoy certain foods, enjoy wearing certain cloths and even certain mannerisms that we have, we continue to do them out of habit. Yesterday I posted a blog regarding the Practice of being Happy. Just as one has to practice being happy, one can also practice to be however they wish to be. In getting rid of your “Old Self” you are giving yourself permission to let go of any of the old “stereotypes” that you previously had. For instance: Old Sylvia hated Brussel sprouts, spinach, and really any food that wasn’t somewhere in the color spectrum of beige and or MEAT. New Sylvia wanted a chance at better health and had to let go of the old habit of turning down the trying of food simply because “everyone knew” she didn’t like those things. Now New Sylvia cooks lots of different foods for herself, and enjoys her food much more because of it.  The same can be applied MANY different ways.

Clothing: If you’ve been a jeans and T shirt sort of gal and you now want to wear a dress? Have at it! Go buy a dress you like. It might feel a little weird at first as it’s not something you’ve practiced. Over time, it will become more comfortable. Remember humans are creatures of habit.

Friends: If you suddenly find yourself not enjoying the people around you because they are becoming to stagnant and you want to really take off in life: T Minus 10 seconds to Engines Engaged! Blast off to your own future. **Up next: Living your own Parade**
Just because you’ve had the same friends since middle or high school doesn’t mean you HAVE to have those same friends today, especially if they are no longer moving in the same direction as you. Be that staying home and reading a book, going out on the town, gunning for a big city job, moving across the country, or centering yourself on your family. Friends can and do come and go throughout life and that is OK. It is especially important to let those people go who are being “toxic” to you. Anyone who is belittling your dreams, telling you “you can’t” simply because they can’t wrap their head around the idea you are proposing, those who are simply and outright cruel to you. They aren’t needed for “New You.” “New You” will be much better finding those who align with the happy parts of your life.

Work: Got a job you just hate? Change it. There is nothing wrong with continually applying to new places in search of your dream job. Better yet, learn how to market yourself for the things you love so that you will find a job doing what you love. As an artist I am learning how to do this very thing, marketing myself so that I can do art for a living. If you’ve got a “Hobby,” why not find a way to make that “Hobby” your “Career?”

These are obviously very brief overviews of things you can start to change as you “shed” the old you and go on to your own “Regeneration.”


You know what’s even better though? Would you like to know how we are actually better than the Doctor himself? We can choose when to do this and we get to choose how we want to be. Unfortunately for the Doctor he doesn’t get to choose who he’s going to become. Not really. The personality is already set, the things he likes or doesn’t like. He doesn’t know them upon regenerating and in that way gets to “discover” things again and again, but especially with his personality he doesn’t really seem to have much of a choice. What’s awesome? You do. Everyone has the capability to be and to become exactly the WHO they want to be.  All it takes is dedication to ones self, and the willingness to give it a go.

Though let’s be honest… having a TARDIS would be pretty amazing as well…

Disclaimer: The information written here is based purely on my own beliefs and experiences. I am not a licensed psychiatrist, therapist, or persons of medical training.


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