Staying Happy as an Artist: The List

Yesterday I decided to embark on a journey with you all to discover and look at what it really means to stay happy as an artist. With that, I briefly went over a few things to go further in depth on for how to make a process and then actually start processing things in order to move forward towards, “Finding your own Happy.” Through this process I would say that there is a #1 rule to be held close to your mind at all times:

Rule #1: Be Kind To Yourself.
Rule #2: Understand that things take time, and that’s ok.
Rule #3: Don’t expect immediate results.
Rule #4: Celebrate ALL results, even the really small ones.
Rule #5: Refer to Rule #1 OFTEN. <–Yes that was important enough to bold, italicize, and put in all caps.

So now that we have a few friendly rules lets start taking a look at that first step.

List ALL of the things that are bothering you or that you are going through.

Take some time to think about and figure out where you’d like to put this list. You may be referring to it quite a bit as you work through everything. Do you like to make lists while sitting in a bubble bath with nice paper and your favorite pen? Is your mind more at ease for list making sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard? No matter where it is make sure that you are somewhere safe and comfortable, where you won’t be interrupted while making your list. Depending on what your brain starts to think about your list might be small or may turn out quite long.

When you are writing this list leave nothing out. At least for now. This is almost like “free writing,” so anything that your mind comes up with to put down on the page, put it down. Be truthful with yourself as well when making this list. There might be some scary things that come up. The best thing you can do is add all the things to the list even the stuff that feels scary. This is partially about making a list and more about starting to learn what’s really going on inside your mind. You can add big things like:

-Buying a house
-Getting ready for graduation
-Having a Baby
-Getting ready for a wedding
-Practice being kind to myself
-Making sure my voices and opinions are heard but realizing others will have their thoughts on said opinions.

Or things like:

-Need to run to the grocery store for a stick of butter
-Fold all my socks
-remember to get a glass of water after writing this list.

Once you’ve made your list, give yourself a pat on the back, pour another cup of your favorite tea, soak in the Tub with some added hot water for an extra 10 minutes or however long you desire. Remember Rule #1? Apply it here. Taking the time to list all of our inner and outer problems as well as things we want to work on, things we want to obtain takes a lot of hard work. You might not physically be running a marathon but if you’re not careful it can certainly feel like you are.

Tomorrow we will look more at really looking at that list and how to actively acknowledge all that you’re going through! In the meantime remember Rule#1: Be Kind To Yourself!

If you have any questions regarding the process, my personal experiences with the process or comments about your own process please share them below!
Disclaimer: The information written here is based purely on my own beliefs and experiences. I am not a licensed psychiatrist, therapist, or persons of medical training.


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