Game Development Journal XIII: Concept Art for the Time Wizard

Work continues on the upcoming game with Megan Condis. Trying to come up with a variant on a theme is always great practice as a concept artist. Especially if with the art, it’s not somewhere that I would have started on my own for an idea. It pushes me as an artist and I feel only makes me better.

Looking forward to getting the Love Witch designed next!

Megan Condis

I’m excited to share some more amazing concept art for the chibi Time Wizard character that will show up in my game!  Thanks, Sylvia Armitstead!

time wizard

This little guy will be paired with a Love Witch.  Between the two of them, their goal will be to help CJ find love… but not necessarily with the person CJ expects!

And I love the idea of both the Time Wizard and the Love Witch having a little fuzzy friend!  Credit to the artist on that one.

Right now I’m really liking the top-right character.

What do you all think?

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