Exploring Dating Sim Apps

In order to better prepare myself to work on a visual novel styled game I downloaded a few similar style games to my phone and have started to play them over the last couple of days. What I’ve so far found is awkward and a little disturbing for some of them. It’s almost uncomfortable to talk about and here’s why:


The first game, called “Wizardess+” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nttsolmare.game.android.wihef follows a young Wizardess who uses her magic to heal animals in her village. She’s invited to attend the magic Academy on a probation period. During this probation period is when she meets her “boyfriend” for the game and from what I can tell becomes his “buddy.” The “Buddy” is someone who you are magically in sync with and together you both either sink or swim during the duration of your studies. So far so good. I can get on board with that.

What I struggle to understand is the need to have the main character be a timid girl with no options to stand up for herself, and if you do (and this could be dependant on which male you choose) you are guilted back down to the point of feeling like nothing and taking all the blame for things. Uh. What? Talk about teaching a woman to know her place. Only this will make your guy happy.

Then there’s the items store. I tossed some real USD to see what would happen if I gussied up my character. It gives you more charm points to help woo said boyfriends. Teaching you that your own face, hair the way it starts, and clothing absolutely matter. Want those extra charm points? Better buy the “sexy eyes” face which gives you the highest charm points at +90. Yikes.

Additionally the male I choose, Prefect Klaus, only the most advanced student that ever was with an ego to match, is not only dashingly handsome *as all the guys are in their own ways* but also a complete and utter asshat. That’s right. Asshat. He belittles “you” constantly, calling you names, and pointing out every single flaw as they come up in conversation. If the little comments that come up as you purchase your “charm” items is any indicator he’s also extremely possessive, “Come closer to me, I can’t bear any other men to see you now.” Having had boyfriends that were the super jealous over possessive type I can tell you right now, this is anything but sexy.



The second game I downloaded “Karepet Games” found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.karepet Is more of a suite of games all bundled into one. the overall presentation and format isn’t nearly as pretty as “Wizardess Heart” which is something I actually really enjoy about the game. In this I picked the scenario called, “Bidding for Love,” which couldn’t possibly be what it sounds like right? There wouldn’t be a game about auctioning one off for love right? Well, I was very wrong, because that’s exactly what it is. You are tricked into being sold at a high end auction to, what it sounds like, pay off the debts of your employer.

I haven’t gotten as far into this one purely from trying to get over the creep 9000 lvl factor, though I will say that the girl seems slightly more willful than the girl in “Wizardess Heart” I’m not sure it speaks for much since, you know, shes been sold into slavery…

I’d ask if this was really a fantasy people have, but I guess all’s fair and game in the world of make believe. After all, no ones actually being bought or sold right? *scary shudder >.<*


Creating a game where the female has a more solid grounding in reality and hopefully a more sturdy personality will be a treat. Cultural differences are one thing in a game, but not giving an option to be strong, or being ridiculed for having a strong opinion is just BS in my mind. Maybe after we get this game finished we can create another playing as the female, and when men try to date you in game, they can be turned away with a solid “no,” and have that no respected. If games can teach women to be soft and demure, surely they can teach her to be strong and confident right?


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