With Repetition Comes Advancement ((livestreaming))

With Repetition Comes Advancement ((livestreaming))

Sitting and looking at my screen and the photoshop button I occasionally have to take a deep breath before diving in. Working on 48×48 size pieces can be a test more in patience than actual artistic ability. It’s like running a marathon for the mind.

Starting by sketching the overall image that you want to see, blocking things out and then slowly zooming in on the image to add more and more detail. It’s in that zooming in that you realize how much more you have to do in order to obtain something that will actually look good once printed. Every time you think you’re done, you zoom, to look at it. How does it look? Blocky? Messy? Are there edges that need to be fixed up? What about that line over there? Is the viewer going to be able to see this detail I put in?

It can be an exhausting process and sometimes I get stuck. The image at the top I have been working on for the last week and a half on and off. It is… one of the most challenging pieces I have tackled during this process. Needless to say, buildings, especially from the top down are not my strong suite. I have declared myself a creature creator by trade and so doing anything that isn’t coming up with organic forms can be quite the challenge.

My mind doesn’t naturally gravitate towards the strict lines of architecture and imagining it all from the top down. It gives me an honest to goodness headache just trying to wrap my mind around it. This is one of those times I wish our company had all the funds in the world so I could fly to Europe and take pictures out of a helicopter to get exactly what I’m looking for. Then again I would also need a time machine. There aren’t many mid-evil villages around from what I hear.

Not that I’m complaining, ok maybe a little. The work that I have been doing over the last six months had offered me great experience with drawing backgrounds and in general reminding and reinforcing a rule about all art.

“Good art takes time, great art takes longer.” I don’t know if anyone in particular said it, I think it’s just something I’ve tried to work into my own sort of mental stash for working on art.

As I go back to work on this piece today I’m trying to imagine myself being Ezio from Assassins Creed. First of all, because who wouldn’t want to be him!? Secondly, maybe a few of his Eagle perch views will be the right sort of inspiration needed to push through and get this thing completed…


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