Posting more Frequently

Posting more Frequently

I couldn’t think of an amusing title and am really trying to get to where I am posting daily to you all. Don’t know exactly how well that is going to happen but I’ve heard it can be important from the hundreds of blogging help and social media sites that have listed as such.

Work continues loading files to dropbox and making sure that everything is properly labelled. There are just a few files left that I have created and then the rest is just tracking down all of the gripmats that have been created by other companies and Kickstarters that are going to be making Gripmats.

In other news and the reason this post happens to be more rambles than anything else… I have come down with a cold. Just your standard run of the mill head fog accompanied by its companions sniffle nose, cough, headache, and sleepy drowsy where’s my pillow feeling.

So without further delay I give you a sketch of one of my crested Gecko’s and bid you a good evening.

More pertinent updates to come when I can think in a nearly straight and linear line.


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