A Little About Me, and the consequences of a small edit

A Little About Me, and the consequences of a small edit

Hey all,

Sometimes we just need to do a doodle for ourselves amidst a slew of work. I had actually sketched this out about a month ago and then just never got around to coloring it and filling it out until today.

Doing something so very simplistic can actually be a challenge after leveling in high amounts of detail to much much larger pieces for so long. So it was nice and refreshing to be able to do this.

Anyway just figure I’d sort of introduce myself to you all. The face ((sort of)) behind the pen tablet!

As I type this I am actually waiting for a slew of large ((48x48inch at 300DPI)) images to all load into the Dropbox that we hold for the company. Yup, you guessed it, these are for the GripMat project. The semi frustrating thing ((ok, not gonna lie, when I realized this edit needed to be made I almost went for the bottle of Vodka and instead opted for caffeinated tea.)) is when you realize what a huge thing it actually is to change a single thing over the course of about 40 files. While there are settings built into photoshop if I were to say be putting a logo of the same color on every single file wouldn’t take long and I could essentially copy pasta like no bodies business. Unfortuantely as all the backgrounds are different the logo needs to match the mat in a nice way. Thus, every single file needs to be opened, the logo pasted on and then the hue and saturation dinked with accordingly.

So here I am day three and I have four days left to finish two other large projects and instead I’m sitting here changing a small logo on a ton of files. WOOOOO! Moral of the story:

-Sometimes this sort of stuff happens. Especially when you are just getting into production of a new project.

-Not everything is going to be ironed out pat the first time around. Edits will need to be made.

-Even if an edit seems small, sometimes its actually a fairly decent undertaking.

The best thing to do if something like this arises: Go for the tea instead of the Vodka. Remember, alcohol isn’t a solve all, and really is just an amplifier for feelings. So if you’re already frustrated… I’ll just let you do the math 😉

Till next time!


PS: If you want to watch me save huge files, click the pic to come through to the stream.


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