Streaming Live Work

Streaming Live Work

It’s interesting thinking about all the art that I’ve created for this project over the last half a year. At first you sit back and think, well, “Where is all my work. I know I’ve been doing something!” Primarily this thought occurs as I am more often used to drawing creatures, things of fantasy, people, characters of all sorts. So to be drawing nothing but backgrounds for such a duration of time makes me FEEL like I haven’t really been doing a lot. Which, in fact, I have.

Feeling sort of bummed out the other night I copy pasted the area I had spent the last two hours working on and realized that I had in fact painted an area of about 9.somechange x 13 inches of work. Which is really nothing to scoff at. It even looked good!

Renewed with inspiration, or at least the knowledge that I was in fact moving forward I continued to work.

Art takes time, great art takes lots of time.

Come watch me work:


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