GripMat Kickstarter!

So excited to see this project doing so well off the get go! If you have questions please feel free to ask!

Break From Reality Games

GripMat Kickstarter!

Two days ago we were finally able to launch our Kickstarter for the GripMats.

This has come as a highly anticipated event for BFRGames and we couldn’t be more excited with where we are already.

We have had 52 backers show their support with a combined backer total of $2,507.00 putting us already half way to our overall funding goal of $5,000.00.

The other super exciting thing that will now be happening is the unlock of our first Milestone goal! With 50 backers we are able to send out survey’s to those who have so far backed the GripMats and they will help us unlock a brand new art design from the three currently listed.

Will it be:
-Dungeon Floor
-Grain Field

As we continue with this Kickstarter there will be many more art updates, updates on production, art streams, and information.

Thank you all once again for the…

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