House Challenges

House Challenges

While art endeavors continue on, on my desk, all sorts of things have been going on with the house that we are trying to get into.

When we went to ask the sellers to take care of a couple of issues from the inspection we ran into a poopy situation. Literally.

The information that we had provided regarding the side sewer (to make sure all sewer pipes were hooked up, connected, clean and functional) were not what the last potential buyers had received and provided for the sellers. The information that we had provided mentioned the fact that after a certain distance there was so much poo and clutter in the way that the pipes could not properly be inspected.

It was later discovered that this area was built out of a material called orangeburg piping that they used in the 60s. It is made of layers of tar paper, which you can imagine is not the best.

“t was used from the 1860s through the 1970s, when it was replaced by PVC pipe for water delivery and ABS pipe for drain-waste-vent (DWV) applications.”

Talk about a bit out of date material for the times! To make things more “interesting” when the inspector for the side sewer took a look it appears that the piping in that section is bellying, or sagging… ew… More on that can be found here:

So the current sellers of the house are looking into some information to get that resolved for us and should be given a round of applause! Everything looked like while a little bit of a slower timeline, that things should have been moving forward steady from there. That is, until I went by last night after work to drop off the side sewer video that we had gotten from our inspection.

I went to the house and found that the gate was askew. Seeing as how there is not an actual lock on the gate that wasn’t terribly uncommon to see. The more perplexing site was when I came back around from the front of the house and noticed that the entire hardware and lock from the shed had been taken off. Rather crudely one might add. The lock that had been on the shed was gone, the hardware for the locking system was gone and the screws that would have held that system were pulled half way out and the tops of the screws were chopped off.

Taking a look at the other door on the garage I noticed that the deadbolts had been removed. Odd? I think so. I texted my realtor to let her know what I had found, left the side sewer disk in the garage and promptly left.

You know that sixth sense spider tinglies that you get when something doesn’t feel right. Yah. I had that the WHOLE TIME I was there. It was the first time I had visited that house and NOT felt welcome and good and fuzzy and excited.

This morning I receive a call from my realtor stating that no, the sellers were not the ones to remove the locks though they are certainly having all the locks changed now! This was also when I found out that a seasoned realtor thief had gone in and stolen the washer and dyer, stove, and fridge from the house. Left the dishwasher for whatever reason… too hard to remove? So now our poor sellers are dealing not only with a side sewer issue with backed up poo, but needing to deal with insurance in order to get everything taken care of.

Once again the sellers of the home are true champs. They have already been in contact with their insurance and they are trying to make sure everything is being taken care of. While some sellers out there are just poo when it comes to situations like this ours have truly put on their battle armor and are being absolutely fantastic people.

Until tonight! (when more streaming will be done) I hope you all have a marvelous rest of your day.


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