Another Oil Spill? When is it going to change?

Another Oil Spill? When is it going to change?

“What has happened is far more serious than what PTT said on the first day. We can expect an impact on fisheries and from chemical contamination in the food chain,” Ply Pirom, programme manager at Greenpeace Southeast Asia, told Reuters.

“Thai oil spill having “extreme” impact on tourism – minister”

–Really?… Really. An extreme Impact on TOURISM?! How about an extreme impact on the PLANET that you’re inhabiting… As stated above, what about the chemicals that are now contaminating the food chain. That’s the entire food chain by the way, not just what goes into a humans mouth.

All these spills sicken me on such a level I can’t begin to describe. All for oil companies making more money. This world needs a good look at what it’s doing. We need to zoom out, and wonder what we are doing. Are you a part of the problem or are you working to be a part of the solution.

If we are going to truly start to make a change on this planet it needs to start with our children and it needs to start in ourselves today. We need to start turning more than just our education systems around in this world. We need to start changing the values that we instill in one another and in our children. We need to set aside differences of race, religion, sexuality, heritage. We’re all humans, we’re all from planet Earth, and by the way this is the only planet we have.

We need to start looking at how we are living. Why do we all gain an education to become consumers? Why do we live in a world where there are so many corrupt forms of government and leadership? Great, yes, power is alluring. We know, we got it. It’s been en-grained… and what good has it done us? Would it not be better for us to work with one another and be learning all we can so that when we contribute to this world it is towards the stewardship of this world and its people?

Seriously though, what are all of you doing to help make this world a sustainable, living world?
-I use re-usable shopping bags
-I walk/run/bike to work most days
-I support companies that are NON Monsanto
-I support local Farmers
-I spend time with children who want to learn how to do art, and try to teach them about being friendly, kind, and giving.

Believe it or not this all directly applies to my art. I try to bring beauty into the world. There’s already enough ugliness here, and I don’t want to add to that.


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