Off the Desk: What I do when I’m not art’ing

Off the Desk: What I do when I’m not art’ing

So what does an artist do when she’s not sitting at her desk creating neat things? 

Lately I’ve been doing… a lot of different things. You could call me a Jane-of-all-Trades. After all the more I can learn the more I can ultimately offer both to my company as well as to others. 

The largest project as of late has been finding a house. You get to a point where you are spending enough on rent to live in an apartment and you get tired of throwing money at something that’s not an actual investment. A house, you get to keep after you pay for it, an apartment you just, well, rent it. You don’t receive anything from the apartment other than the amount of days/weeks/months you pay for. There are a ton of reasons I want a house. The largest one actually being for my two dogs. They need a yard to be able to go out and run in and not just walks when I’m not at work or doing art. I also want a place I can decorate, paint, put in flooring or carpet, and just in general do what I’d like to it without having to ask anyone other than my Boyfriend and our pocket book. 

The look lately has not been easy. The market is full of foreclosures, short-sales, auctions, bank owned, and then a very very small percentage of  sellers that are selling to buyers (me). While short-sales used to be a fairly easy but long process the market has recently turned vicious. People in my area are viewing them as quick as possible and sometimes all going in to pay for the inspection while all of them together are bidding on the house. This is often times even before one of the peoples offers have been accepted. Just scary and no thank you! Looking to get one bid accepted is more than enough stress for me thank you very much. 

So in between working at REI, house hunting, and creating art for BFRGames I have also been building an education based around this awesome stuff we know as Social Media. Oh, and studying French just in case I still get to go to Europe next year. 

What do you with your “non work” time?

What sort of activities do you do to wind down in the evenings?


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